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Russell Brand poses as Disney's Captain Hook




When we think of most Disney characters, we think of the exact opposite of Russell Brand: sweet, angelic, chaste, sober. But the role of Captain Hook is so fitting for Brand that even we agree celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz did the right thing recruiting him to star in her latest portrait for Disney. has unveiled a publicity shot of him sporting classic Hook attire (red suit, buckled boots, long, grubby hair, and a hook) while battling a croc. He even turns Hook's undershirt into a dashing v-neck. It's the latest in a long line of portraits Leibovitz created that make celebs look identical to Disney characters. Penelope Cruz has posed as Belle of Beauty and the Beast, Olivia Wilde as Snow White's evil queen and Queen Latifah as the villain Ursula in the Little Mermaid, to name a few. This shoot took place last November; also showed off Jack Black, Jason Segel and Will Ferrell as hitchhiking ghosts. See the finished photos here.

The Juice* can't stress enough how odd it is that we love Brand in this shot, even though he'd make a better poster child for a bottle of Captain Morgan rather than Disney's Hook. We're hoping Leibovitz decides to shoot Kim Kardashian as Jasmine, the princess from Aladdin, so we can see her in a better light, too. Parents of 13-year-old boys may be worried about that one, but hey, it works.

-- Sabrina Rocco,

[Photo: Getty Images. Leibovitz and crew shooting Brand back in November.]


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