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Ryan Jenkins hangs himself in motel room



Tbd-ryanjenkinsb082509 From the AP: Ryan Jenkins, the reality show contestant sought by police in connection with the grisly slaying of his estranged wife, has killed himself in a motel room in British Columbia, the AP reports. Now the investigation is shifting to a mysterious woman who accompanied him to his lodgings.

Jenkins was found hanging from the bar of a coat rack by a belt at the Thunderbird Motel in the town of Hope, which was the place where the first Rambo movie First Blood was filmed.

Tbd-ryanjenkins082509 Motel staff called police Sunday evening about a dead person in a room, and the manhunt was alerted. The manager and his nephew said a young woman had checked him in to the motel.

The body of Jasmine Fiore, Jenkins' model wife, was so badly mutilated when found in a trash bin outside L.A. it had to be identified by her breast implants' serial numbers. Fiore's teeth had been pulled out and her fingers cut off, apparently to impede her identification. Jenkins, 32, had evaded a manhunt and crossed over into his native Canada. He had been charged with first-degree murder in California last Thursday.

On Monday, Fiore's mother, Lisa Lepore, said that she had a mixed reaction to news of Jenkins' death.

"It brings some closure to what's been going on," said Lepore, who was appearing on the Today show. "We don't have to worry about looking for him anymore or being worried that he is a threat to any other women or men."

Kevin Walker, who manages the Thunderbird Motel, said Jenkins and the mystery woman arrived Thursday in a Chrysler PT Cruiser with tinted windows and license plates from Alberta, Jenkins' home province. He stayed in the car while the woman checked them in, he said.

She was blonde, in her early 20s and "naturally pretty, one of those wholesome little ladies," he said. Walker said the woman paid cash for three nights' stay.

"He stayed in the car far, far away from the front of the office," Walker said. "I didn't think nothing of it because it's just a couple checking in."

Walker said he never saw the woman or the car again.

Jenkins was recently a contestant on VH1 reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire, in which wealthy young men tried to win over a materialistic blonde. The network canceled the show Friday.

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