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Ryan O'Neal says he's not worried of dying from cancer, was a terrible father

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Tuesday was contrition day for Ryan O'Neal, appearing both on the Today show and The View to say he's not afraid to die, he misses Farrah Fawcett and he was a terrible parent to his four kids. Wow, talk shows, kick a guy when he's down, why don't you?

O’Neal was on the talk shows to shill his new book, Both of Us: My Life with Farrah, which came out Tuesday. In case you thought he had some high-minded confessions to make or something.

According to RadarOnline, the day started with an interview with Today's Matt Lauer, who got through the stuff about O'Neal's prostate cancer treatments and asked bluntly, "Were you a bad parent?" O'Neal, 70, didn't mince words when talking about kids Patrick, TatumGriffin and Redmond, answering, "Looks like it, doesn't it? Sure looks like it ... I suppose I was."

O'Neal reasoned he "wasn't trained" to be a father, and can't take all the responsibility for what his kids do now, drug addictions and criminal records and everything, since they're all adults. "Griffin is 45, Tatum is 49, who’s the other one? Redmond is 27. They have to take hold of their own existences."

He later went on The View to talk more about his stage 2 prostate cancer, which he's having frozen as part of his cryopathy. "If I don't make it, I'll be with my girl, " he told Barbara Walters, referring to Fawcett, who died in 2009 of cancer. Sherri Shepherd asked the actor if he was afraid of dying, drawing a quick response of "No. She wasn't either. And I learned from her."

Pretty weighty stuff for Tuesday morning talk shows. They must not have had a sack of kittens to drown or any dying children to interview.


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