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Sacha Baron Cohen may or may not have been banned from Oscars




One thing to watch out for at Sunday's Oscars (besides the usual 10-minute self-congratulatory speeches and ugly, ugly gowns) is whether or not comedian Sacha Baron Cohen shows up. As of Thursday, the Academy banned the Brit, although they say it's up to him to decide whether he can attend. Or maybe they didn't. This really smells like a setup, don't you think? reported Thursday that Cohen's tickets were yanked, likely because he had planned on arriving in character as Gen. Aladeen, the satirical dictator from, well, The Dictator, which is coming to theaters May 11. The Academy can't have that. "Unless they’re assured that nothing entertaining is going to happen on the Red Carpet, the Academy is not admitting Sacha Baron Cohen to the show," Paramount told the site. Cohen is a member of the Academy and a star of 11-time nominee Hugo.

The Academy told CNN the Deadline account isn't quite true, because Cohen's tickets haven't been revoked, but they would frown some goofy shenanigans at the show, because Hollywood isn't into cheap marketing tricks."We would love to have Sacha Baron Cohen at the Oscar show," a spokesperson told the network. "We have expressed (to Cohen) that we don’t like our red carpet to be used as a promotional stunt. We’re waiting to hear from him. We’ve put the ball in his court." And drawing media coverage has been achieved.

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