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Salman Rushdie still obsessed with Padma Lakshmi



Tbd-padmalakshmi102109 One of life's great mysteries -- how author Salman Rushdie was married to Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi -- may never be solved, but it sounds like Salman is still hung up on his ex-wife. And really, can you blame the dude? Look at him! It must be his big, uh, brains.

Rushdie's latest conquest, Spamalot actress Pia Glenn, said that while she had a yearlong relationship with the 62-year-old novelist, they eventually broke up because the fighting had gotten so bad.

"He would talk about Padma day and night," Glenn told the New York Post. "He felt hurt and betrayed by her. He would talk about her so much I'd ask him to stop." So he dumped her over e-mail one day.

Meanwhile, pregnant Padma's main concern seems to be getting her extra calories: “I eat the same, just more often,” she told People while in New York for Alicia Keys’ Keep A Child Alive Black Ball last week. “Everything from movie theater nachos to spinach and apple salad. Everything. I’m not eating so much more. You only need 300 more calories. It’s not a reason to pig out.”

What does that have to do with being Salman Rushdie's fourth ex-wife? Nothing. But Mrs. Juice* will still roll her eyes about this photo from the event.

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