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Seriously, sequel to 'Point Break' in the works?

Tbdpointbreak051608 And if Hollywood's not making an adaptation of an '80s TV show, they're making sequels to movies no one ever thought needed sequels (especially Keanu Reeves movies; we're looking at you, Speed 2). Case in point: They're making a sequel to Point Break, which director Jan de Bont is heading up.

Point Break: Indo will take place 20 years after Patrick Swayze's Bodhi went out to catch a wave and never returned, even though it's only been 17 years since that happened. It will be written by the original's scribe, W. Peter Iliff and will be shot in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

They can't say whether Reeves will be back, although it would be a real shame if Johnny Utah couldn't make a return visit. And like Richard Grieco, we're pretty sure Lori Petty is waiting by the phone this very moment.


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:44am]


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