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Shakira attacked by a sea lion, lives to tell the tale




Forget the Grammys, because Shakira saw all the action while she was apparently visiting some marine life in South Africa. The singer posted on her Facebook page that she was attacked by a rogue sea lion. If only the paparazzi were there for that!

She was taking photos of the sea lions when "suddenly, one of them jumped out of the water so fast and impetuously that it got about one foot away from me, looked me in the eye, roared in fury and tried to bite me," she wrote in a post on Sunday. "Everyone there screamed, including me. I was paralyzed by fear and couldn't move, I just kept eye contact with it while my brother 'Super Tony' jumped over me and literally saved my life, taking me away from the beast. We both got our hands and legs scratched by the rocks while trying to protect ourselves."

The Colombian queen theorizes the sea lion was confusing her Blackberry as a fish, and by taking its picture, she was just playing games with it. Well, that one sure showed her. Shakira left relatively uscathed and seemed much happier with the penguins, managing to post this photo with a smile. Hey, we don't see any cuts and bruises there ... pics or it didn't happen, Shak.

[Photo: via Facebook]


[Last modified: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 3:44pm]


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