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Sharon Stone apologizes again. Or does she?

Sharon Stone apologized again for her remarks about Chinese people getting what they deserved late Wednesday (late for us East Coasters, anyway), which may have been brought on by being banned from the Shanghai Film Festival.

"I would like to set the record straight about what I feel in my heart and end all of the misunderstandings. Yes, I misspoke. I could not be more regretful of that mistake. It was unintentional," the actress said in a statement quoted by People. "I apologize, those words were never meant to be hurtful to anyone, they were an accident of my distraction and a product of news sensationalism. I am deeply saddened by the pain that this whole situation has caused the victims of the devastating earthquake in China."

Problem is, this may not be the second apology, because she told the New York Times in a story on Sunday that she didn't issue the first apology run by Christian Dior when they pulled her from their advertising in China. Stone said as much while discribing a call from Dior chief exec Sidney Toledano last week.

“I talked to Sidney and I said: ‘Let’s get serious here. You guys know me very well. I’m not going to apologize. I’m certainly not going to apologize for something that isn’t real and true — not for face creams,’ ” she told the Times.

Stone says she asked to release a statement, but Dior -- or maybe the Chinese -- went and altered it so much it came across as ingenuine, in her opinion, and not a reflection of what she wanted to say.

"It makes it appear that I’m in agreement that I did a bad thing,” Stone said. Wait, didn't you do a bad thing? Blaming natural disasters on karma would be like blaming Basic Instinct 2 on Michael Douglas.

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