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Should Suri Cruise still be using a bottle at 2?

Tbdsuricruise050808 Once again, our resident mommy member weighs in: Us magazine reports the shocking truth: Suri Cruise is still using a bottle at age 2. Tsk, tsk, the Parenting Police are saying -- that is so not cool, she must be a tyrant toddler who rules the house.

After the age of one or at least 18 months, all nipples (except for Mommy's of course) should go in the trash, and baby should be using a sippy cup or a straw or something that doesn't look like a child in need of a fake comfort object when in public.

Tom and Katie's constant traveling is considered a possible sticking point, since her schedule and sleep can be upset by all the schlepping and she could "regress" into self-comforting behavior, the baby doc quoted by Us says. And don't even get them started on kids who are still nursing at 2. Oh wait, we just did.

So, dear readers, we are buckling up our child-safety belts to protect our nether regions and asking: Should Suri still be using a bottle or should Katie be hitting the bottle more to deal with attacks like this? The comment board awaits.

[Photo: Okay, this is Suri last July, but what do you want? The girl is harder to photograph than Pablo Escobar. AP]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:43am]


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