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Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell accepts Twitter egg-eating challenge for charity


Bless you, magical Interwebs, for turning mean-spirited dares into charitable pursuits: What started as an online dare for Smash Mouth's  Steve Harwell to eat two dozen eggs has turned into a cause celebre for a children's hospital. Only in cyberspace!

It all started on June 3, when the unfortunately named account @fart challenge the band's singer to a ridiculous contest: "if we can get the lead guy from smash mouth to eat 24 eggs for $20 i will post it on youtube. please everyone helpe me," the guy wrote. The pleading went on through June 20, after all the guy's pleading netted numerous monetary donations and further pestering from other Twitter users. @fart himself wrote "Please let me film you eating 24 eggs for the benefit of needy people around the world. Thousands of $$$ pledged, i watch u eat, I will treat you with the utmost respect while you blast through egg after egg. Please eat em, put 'em in your egghole"

That was enough for Harwell, who responded on Tuesday via @smashmouth, "OK fans- We accept your egg challenge. If you can spread the word and raise $10,000 for our favorite charity then it's ON!" He provided a link to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. (click here to add to the giving frenzy). Fans responded by chipping in $1,000 in a mere 30 minutes, with the total topping $7,400 on Thursday afternoon.

Now it looks like Harwell's going to do it, since they admit they got hundreds of calls and emails about the challenge. Hey, who cares if it started as a joke? That Shrek money was gonna run out sometime. Just play Fallen Horses for The Juice*, okay?

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[Last modified: Thursday, July 7, 2011 5:05pm]


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