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Smells Like Foot Powder

If you found yourself surprised to hear Nirvana’s Scentless Apprentice during Wednesday night’s season finale of Lost, you probably don’t want to check out this British ad campaign for Dr. Martens. The ad, which has been out for a few days, features a white-robed Kurt Cobain in heaven, sitting on a cloud, wearing Dr. Martens, looking every bit as pleased to be there as you might expect. Similar ads feature Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer.

“We wanted to communicate that Dr. Martens boots are ‘made to last,’ and we discovered that these idolized musicians wore them,” a copywriter said.

Now comes word that Courtney Love not only didn’t know about the ads featuring her dead husband, but is incensed they exist. Courtney “would never have approved such a use,” her rep told People. “She thinks it’s outrageous that a company is allowed to commercially gain from such a despicable use of her husband’s picture.” (This, from the woman who’s hawking most of Cobain’s possessions in an upcoming auction. We’re just sayin.’) reports Dr. Martens has canned the ad agency responsible for the ads, stating it did not commission the ads.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:12am]


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