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Spring Breakers stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens make a teenage boy's night (with VIDEO)!



Since we're celebrity experts here, the Juice* wants to be your handy source for photos, videos and fan sightings of all things Spring Breakers, the movie currently filming at various locations around Pinellas County.

If you have a close encounter with Selena Gomez (and her yummy b.f. Justin Bieber when he's around), Vanessa Hudgens and/or Ashley Benson, let us know here at the Juice* ([email protected]).  Photographs or video backing up your story are key in deciding which anecdotes pass our ultra-high quality Juice* standards. Get us a verifiable James Franco sighting (or even John Franco, the great New York Mets relief pitcher) and watch our goosebumps rise.

Hopefully your submission will be as celeb-riffic as this inaugural clip from Fur Agostino, 14, a home-schooled vlogger who caught the Spring Breakers stars (but not Franco) filming Tuesday outside an ice cream parlor off Corey Ave. in St. Pete Beach, with a script calling for some very bad words (none uttered by Gomez, as Agostino made clear in a follow-up phone chat).

The first part of the clip is shot from a distance but Fur thoughtfully adds arrows to point out who's who. Then the bikini-topped crew actually jogs by the car in which he and his family are sitting. Fur thoughtfully goes slo-mo on the jiggle effect, with soft romantic music in the background.

Too bad Fur didn't have his camera rolling when Gomez came over to his car window, to apologize for the profanities they may have heard. As excited as he sounds telling the story, it's gotta be true.

You can also pass along your Spring Breakers sightings to our talented, respected movie critic Steve Persall ([email protected]).

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