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On the 'Star Trek' star tip



It's easy to make fun of Star Trek fans -- oh good lord, is it easy -- but it's starting to look a lot like J.J.Shaun  Abrams' forthcoming Star Trek flick might just be a must-watch. Joining the cast in recent days, according to the Hollywod Reporter, are John "Harold, Not Kumar" Cho as Sulu, and Simon "Shaun of the Dead" Pegg (at right) as Scotty. ("I canna hold 'er, Cap'n! Thar's zombies attackin' the engines!") Eric Bana -- who kicked a lot of ass in Munich, substantially less ass in Troy, and very little ass whatsoever in Hulk -- also signed up last week to play Nero, the movie's villain. And Heroes' Zachary "Sylar" Quinto is already on board as the young Spock. (Leonard "Old Spock" Nimoy will have a role, too. The question now is, who will play Captain Kirk? Word is it might be Chris Pine, who starred in Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement with Anne Hathaway. Never heard of the guy. The Juice* would rather see Matt Damon get beamed up to the captain's chair, as was originally rumored.

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