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'Star Wars: Episode VII' may have a screenwriter picked




While this seems to be the week for Star Wars: Episode VII rumors, it sounds like there may really be some news about who is going to write the script. A script is a series of dialogue and actions put to paper, usually advancing a coherent plot and engaging audiences so they care about what happens. That's for George Lucas, in case he's reading this.

New York magazine says Michael Arndt has been tapped after writing a treatment for the film, according to sources. Arndt is a decent enough writier, having won an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine and being nominated for one for Toy Story 3. He also banged out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is now being filmed, so he knows something about dealing with beloved characters.

Lucasfilm and Disney wouldn't confirm the rumors, which is no surprise. But they didn't NOT confirm them, so there's always hope. Maybe when this is all over, we can forget the prequels ever happened at all.

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[Last modified: Friday, November 9, 2012 2:33pm]


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