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Stephen Moyer says Robert Pattinson sucks



Tbd-moyerpaquin062509 We've got to admit, we're not keeping up on this whole vampire fetish brought on by Twilight and True Blood. But we do know that some of you don't like Robert Pattinson, and you'll be glad to know you're not alone.

Take True Blood's Stephen Moyer for instance. He told marie claire that he wasn't very impressed with Pattinson's Edward: "He's a pussy! He's the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires."

Snap! And what does Moyer do to thwart this aspartame Dracula? Well, getting hot and heavy with costar Anna Paquin for one. Their relationship was a big secret for about 10 months before being revealed. Not that there weren't clues, like when the director would call cut and "25 seconds later we're still snogging."

So what kind of problems could come from such a relationship? Try those fake fangs.

"I keep my mouth open and let her probe around the sharpness of the teeth," he said. "Which is kind of erotic."

Wow, sorry if you were eating lunch when reading that one.

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