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Superman and Lois Lane split up in new comic series



superman.jpgIn a neverending quest to get people to stick with an industry that's dying even faster than newspapers, DC Comics is hard at work preparing a reboot of Superman, just in time for the movie reboot coming down the pike. One of the big changes in store: The man of steel and Lois Lane aren't going to be an item anymore. Lana Lange was always cuter, anyway.

DC tells TMZ that the MOS will be flying solo PDQ. The site reports that Lane will have a new boyfriend in Superman No. 1, which will be released in September. Wait, didn't they already feature that storyline in 2006's Superman Returns? Wait, that was different, because Lois was married with a kid. Totally new idea.

The new series is supposed to feature grittier, more realistic storylines to draw new readers in (including an update of Kal-El's costume, sans red jockey shorts). Perhaps if the comics code hadn't been enforced so many years ago in the first place, American comics culture wouldn't be stuck trying to keep alive an industry that was built solely on superheroes for several decades.


[Last modified: Monday, July 18, 2011 2:06pm]


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