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Surfer Kelly Slater fights for Bar Refaeli



Tbdkellyslater102407 Surfer Kelly Slater has a budding career as Leonardo DiCaprio’s garbageman. Slater has hooked up with Leo’s latest ex, model Bar Refaeli, who was DiCaprio’s rebound from Gisele Bundchen, who went out with Slater after she and the movie star broke up.

So while Leo was looking for love last weekend at the after-party for the skateboarding saga Nothing But the Truth and Gisele was in Miami while beau Tom Brady was leading his New England Patriots over the Dolphins, Slater was being arrested in Israel for fighting with local paparazzi.

It seems the persistent pic-takers were trying to shoot Kelly and Bar leaving a hotel in a Tel Aviv suburb and Slater didn’t care for it. The AP reports Slater was taken in for questioning — probably about how a dude like him can score so many hot babes — and then let go.

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WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Boy, all you surfers sure have made The Juice* popular. Besides all the angry comments and e-mails over this item about Florida's own Kelly Slater, our little gossipy blog is all over places like Gulf Surf Forum, 2nd Light and 16 Streets.

But unfortunately, all this is a bit of a misunderstanding. If you have access to Thursday's tbt* and St. Petersburg Times, this is what you'll see:

We're not Sl8r h8rs

Dear Juice: How can you call Kelly Slater; an eight-time world champion "a loser''? (The Juice*, Oct. 24)

I suggest your editor publishes an apology and retracts the statement before you lose all of your credibility. You seem to forget that this is the most successful athlete ever from Florida. Maybe you've forgotten what state your newspaper is published in?

The news of tbt* badmouthing Florida's own superstar has made its way all over the state and the uproar has begun. I suggest you prepare accordingly. A good start would be with a rebuttal of your original comment succeeded by a sincere apology.

Brandon Roland, Jacksonville Beach

Ed: For the record, The Juice* calls a lot of people losers, but we meant to call Cocoa Beach's finest "dude," as we did at — we've got no reason to hate on Slater, other than his rebounding prowess. But the man did get into a fight with a pack of photographers.

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