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Tareq Salahi says wife Michaele Salahi may have been abducted, cops say no




Former Real Housewives of D.C. star Michaele Salahi has gone missing and may have been abducted, according to her husband Tareq. It looks like the White House has finally gotten even for that party crashing. No, really, that's kind of awful.

Tareq told TMZ he last saw his wife at their Virginia home around 11 a.m. Tuesday, before he left to go to their winery. She was supposedly going to a hair appointment, but then called late at night from an Oregon phone number and said she was going to her mother's house, which is not far from their own home. Michaele's mom denied those plans, so he called the Warren County Sheriff's Dept.

This is when it gets weird, because the sheriff said Michaele had already called and said she was fine, just dealing with some "family issues," the site says. Tareq thinks she was coerced into making both calls and the cops aren't doing anything, so he did what any loving husband afraid his wife was abducted would do: He called TMZ.

"We are reaching to the public pleaing [sic] desperately for your help," Tareq said in a statement. "It is our belief as of last night, that Michaele Salahi may have been kidnapped or abducted and being held under duress and forced to tell persons, including authorities she is okay. ... The Salahi family can be reached at 540-635-9933."

Of course, the police said in a statement that when they talked to Michaele, she "seemed calm, was engaged in conversation, and assured the deputy that she had left the residence with a good friend and was where she wanted to be." She also noted she didn't want Tareq to know where she was, so this saga is probably just beginning.

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