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'Teen Mom' girls pick a fight with Kim Kardashian



tbd-kimkardashian012111.jpgKim Kardashian has locked horns with the most dangerous creature on MTV: The not-so-rare and ever-more-dreaded cast of Teen Mom. After blogging on her site that the MTV show is making teen pregnancy a trend, provoking a vicious assault from train wrecks Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans -- because those two obviously have their lives together.

"It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls," Kim wrote on her blog, citing a story on the Today show about a Memphis high school full of pregnant teens. "The kids from these shows are all over the news, even on the covers of magazines, and have been become almost like celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!"

Amber wasn't going to take that one, ahem, lying down: "Last time I checked, Kim Kardashian had a sex tape floating around on the internet and I'm pretty sure she made a lot of money off of it," Portwood told E!, drawing a very odd parallel between being slutty on tape and getting knocked up and being unable to care for a child. "She made a sex tape when she was younger and she wants to bash the girls on Teen Mom? If you read the articles about the show, they do nothing but talk about how the show reveals how hard it is for all of us. It doesn't glamorize anything! It shows the heartache we've all gone through."

Well, it also shows how you girls really don't seem to give a damn about your kids, too, right Jenelle? And what was your reaction?

"I want to say, s--- happens," she told E!. No, we're not making that up. We're also not making up this photo of Kim, which she posted on Twitter last week. Remember, that's who is the voice of reason in this discussion.

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