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Teri Hatcher says she may get Botox again



tbd-terihatcher081310.jpgJust days after declaring that Botox is evil and Hollywood actresses should eschew the stuff by posting photos of her wrinkly forehead on Facebook, Teri Hatcher pulls a 180 and says she's gotten it before and would do it again.  But wait, she explains herself in plain language. This should be fun.

"I can't believe I actually put that out there!" she told Entertainment Tonight. "It's not about Botox to me ... I don't have any judgement about doing Botox ... I've done Botox, I may do it again -- I don't know. It's not the point." What, pray tell, is the point then? "The point to me is that there has to be a different sort of baseline of how we're accepting beauty." Not that she's helping all that much.

"I wanted women in America, not in Hollywood, to know is that so much of the manipulation of going from the real Teri Hatcher to the Teri Hatcher that's on an advertising poster or an endorsement -- that a lot of that happens through lighting," she continues.

So it's okay to tell other women not to do Botox and deal with aging, but when Teri shoots a promo poster for Desperate Housewives, she needs a five-person photo crew to help her out. And by the way, she might get Botox anyway. That's a solid message, right there.

[Photo: via Facebook]


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