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Terrence Howard leaves death threat on guy's voicemail




Terrence Howard got all puffed up and left a voicemail threatening to kill a stranger he thought was bothering his wife -- but it turns out it was just a fan trying to leave a nice message. Way to keep up the PR there, T.

"N-----, this is Terrence. You been calling my wife ... If you call my wife again I'm going to come to your house and I'm going to cut your f---ing throat," Howard said on the unnamed stranger's voicemail on Aug. 31, according to RadarOnline. "Understand that. I'm gonna tell you this one time. You call my wife again, I'm gonna kill you."

Turns out, however, that it was the phone of some guy whose female friend said she had procured Howard's number and wanted to give the actor a call. This mystery woman had a little too much to drink and dialed what she thought was the actor's phone.

"Her phone was dead, so she used mine and left about a three-minute voicemail professing her love for him," the owner of the phone told the site. "But apparently the call was made to his wife's phone, not his. I'm assuming she got the voicemail of my friend gushing about Terrence and questioned him about it." Oops.

But then on Sept. 7, Terrence realized what happened and left another voicemail, this time apologizing about threatening to cut that guy's f---ing throat.

"I'm so sorry for calling you and speaking that way," Terrence said. "I thought you were somebody that's been harassing my wife. Please forgive me."  He also sent the guy a text message that read, "My wife told me that she was receiving obscene text from you and that she was being harassed. Therefore I responded with the protective nature that a husband has for his wife. Forgive me for the anger, but as you are watching over your girl friend, I too am devoted to my love."

Listen to the voicemail recordings here -- and remember, drinking and dialing is a dangerous combination.

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