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They got "Lost"

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News flash for executives at the "major" networks: On the rare occasion these days when you do produce a show that engages viewers as much as anything on FX (Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Rescue Me, etc.), maybe you shouldn't yank it off the air for a few months.

The Associated Press reports here that NBC's Heroes, ABC's Lost and CBS' Jericho, all serialized dramas with fantastic elements, returned from their lengthy vacations to find several million viewers had vanished.

There are other likely reasons for the dropoff, such as tougher competition in the shows' time slots when they returned. But count me among the viewers who forgot all about Lost when ABC put it on a three-month break.

CBS pulled Jericho from its lineup almost as long, while NBC showed just a hair more sense with its scheduling of Heroes: two six-week breathers, with seven new episodes in between, instead of one fat 12-week break.

Any fans of those shows put off by the vacations? Let us know. (That's what we have that comments area for.) We know you're reading... the hit counter's rocking. Take two and say hi!

(Oh, and stop checking out that pic of Heroes' Hayden Panettiere. Savages.)

[Photo: Times files]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:11am]


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