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Tiger Woods, Gisele, Madonna, George Clooney giving millions to Haiti relief




Update: Not only is Tiger Woods NOT giving $3 million to Haiti, the solvency and organization of Wyclef's charity are being questioned. That's so heartwarming, we can barely stand it.

It's time to break out our celebrity scorecard on what celebrity is giving the most money to the earthquake victims in Haiti, and without a hint of cynicism, we have to say it's Tiger Woods, who has apparently pledged $3 million. We may be jaded, but hey, that attempt to earn positive press will actually work, Tiger.

Wyclef Jean Haiti relief group Yele may get $3M donation from Tiger Woods,” the Haitian performer wrote on his Twitter account, @Wyclef. If it's true (since he's now in rehab in Mississippi) that's way better than the paltry-by-comparison $250,000 Madonna is offering, although she is encouraging other celebrities to match it so they can send a half a million.

And while Brangelina gave a cool $1 million right away, supermodel Gisele Bundchen took time out of caring for her new baby with Tom Brady to give $1.5 million, the Boston Globe said. We'll have to see if that can be topped by a George Clooney hosted telethon MTV Networks are planning, according to the AP. You'd think a fund-raiser featured on MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and CMT on Jan. 22 would leave that all in the dust, especially if you throw in ABC, NBC, HBO and CNN.

And for the record, Mrs. Juice* already threw in a few bucks for the Red Cross, so it's not like we're being sarcastic here.

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