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Tila Tequila wants to sue over lesbian sex tape



tbd-tilatequilasextape020311.jpgIn the most unsurprising scoop since news broke that Taco Bell tacos had no actual meat in them, Tila Tequila is ensnared in yet another legal tussle over a sex tape. Is this the one with the ex-boyfriend from A Shot at Love? No, this is the lesbian sex tape with two other women. Our mistake.

First there's the little matter of Tila being caught in flagrante delicto with the two trollops on a special two-disc video being offered by Vivid Entertainment. 

"Our Client Tila Nguyen is in total shock and livid right now that someone had the audacity to leak out an intimate tape made with her and her two girlfriends without her consent," her rep told RadarOnline. "That tape was not meant for the public and she has been fighting fiercley in court to not have anything released. We are currently working with her lawyers to decide what the next steps are."

One of the next steps will be suing over the fact that the woman being billed as Tila in the second disc is really a woman named Leanna Scott. Her rep says she's planning a lawsuit over that little oversight.

This is after a battle last month in which Tila threatened to sue Frances Ten for a sex tape (he wanted to sell it to her for $75,000, prompting the lawsuit). It should be noted although Ten handed over the tapes, a judge had refused her injunction because  she "exploits her sexuality." The video in question here is a completely different recording. At least, we think it is. Does it even matter?

Tila will have to get in line at the courthouse, though, because Vivid tells TMZ they shot off a threatening letter to for posting five minutes of the vid a week before its official release. You can't just give that filth away for free, you know. What's worse, Vivid tells the site they think it was one of their own employee who stole the clip. Horrors! No, we said "horrors" ...

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