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Tim Robbins couldn't vote because he's senile



You may have heard the stories that Tim Robbins flipped out on elections officials in New York on Election Day, obtaining a court order from a state supreme court justice to allow him to vote after he was denied entry at a polling place.  (He was originally given a provisional ballot and asked to leave because his name wasn't on the registered voters list.)

Tbdtimrobbins111208 He was yelling and screaming about being disenfranchised, and there being a conspiracy, and he and Susan Sarandon had voted at the same place for years and blah blah blah. Problem is, the New York Times reports, Robbins did it all to himself.

"According to state and city election records, Mr. Robbins registered to vote, under the name Tim Robbins, in November 1997, listing an address on West 15th Street, and registered a second time, under the name Timothy F. Robbins, in February 2004, listing an address on West 19th Street. The 1997 registration is now listed as inactive, while the 2004 registration is listed as active," the Times reports on its Web site.

"We were confused, but he shouldn't have been confused... it’s all very logical: He filled out a new voter-registration form with an entirely new address, and went to the old address," an election official told the Times. The real problem: he was simply supposed to go to a different polling place.

And after all that ruckus, and besides the fact that Robbins doesn't remember registering twice, he still hasn't voted in at least the last two elections. We're so glad celebrities are calm and collected enough to tell us what we should be voting for, aren't you?

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