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Top Chef: Just Desserts finalist Morgan Wilson admits to possessing child pornography



tbd-morganwilson102411.jpgFans of all things Top Chef will surely remember Morgan Wilson, the finalist in Season 1 of Top Chef: Just Desserts. The macho Dallas pastry chef seemed a little homophobic (once refering to a fellow contestant as a "little fairy") or creepy, then tenderly and constantly talk his young son. Well now it appears that our misgivings about Wilson weren't all the product of Bravo’s every-show-needs-a-vililan editing.

Wilson has been indicted on charges of possessing child pornography in Collin County, Texas, the Plano Courier Star reports. He admitted it to cops, so do we have to use the word "allegedly" still? Our lawyers say we do. Hurry up and convict him, then.

Wilson, 38, was indicted on Oct. 3 on a trio of second-degree felony charges after he was arrested Dec. 7, 2010, following an undercover investigation by cops that resulted in Wilson allegedly sending file transfers of illegal images and video. How illegal? Try kids as young as toddlers engaged in sexual acts. This from the freak who constantly tried to reassure the audience he was a strong, virile, heterosexual man. 

He was released from jail on Dec. 16, 2010 on a $10,000 bond after agreeing to not use a computer without monitoring software. The should chopped his hands off. Or maybe gouged his eyes out. That's a start.

The proof: Verizon confirmed the IP address from which the offensive material originated belonged to Wilson. Cops searched his West Plano home on Sept. 27 and asked Wilson if he had seen the images. Oh, and the police affidavit said he admitted viewing the images and signed a statement saying as much. His computer and external hard drive were removed as evidence. The Juice* hopes they remove something else, next.

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