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Toys for overgrown boys: Appropriate or not?



Tarantino Allow me an opinionated moment here: There's a bit of buzz in the blogosphere over the release of action figures for the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez gorefest Grindhouse (which I have yet to see but really want to, because that's how I roll). That's right, Tarantino himself is molded in plastic as "Rapist No. 1" (check them at Amazon here).

Now, the fact that they made toys for this is not surprising. There's been an explosion in movie-related merchandise ever since the target audience for this movie (males 30-45, I would think) was old enough to grasp the concept of tie-in marketing. I was weaned on Star Wars toys, and when they came back in the '90s, I loved reliving my youth.

But that's not what I'm ranting about. I think the problem with Grindhouse is that the very same grew-up-in-the-'70s, zombies-and-strippers-loving youths Tarantino and Rodriguez are going for have, for lack of a better term, grown up. I have to go see this by myself because A) my wife won't go with me, B) most of the people I know don't "get it," and C) all my buddies who do get it have 3-year-old children to take care of these days, and Grindhouse can't compete with Flushed Away or Happy Feet.

So while Rapist No. 1 may be Tarantino's dream come true, box-office receipts are telling us his peers have moved on. But I'm sure the DVDs will make a mint.


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