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Turns out Tony Parker was right after all



Tbdhananitsche122807_3 Only now, after the holidays take a quick breather before plunging headfirst into New Year’s, can we relate the latest about Alexandra Paressant, the so-called model who claims basketball star Tony Parker cheated on new wife Eva Longoria with her after meeting at the couple’s wedding.

People’s Dana Kennedy wrote on the Huffington Post that she did some digging and found several holes in Paressant’s story — namely that she made the whole thing up, uses pictures of other models and claims they are of her (including the ones on her MySpace profile, which is now set to private), pretends she is other people and is frankly off her rocker.

Kennedy said that after calling Paressant several times, the woman said she was going public with her “affair” after Parker insisted they have a menage a trois with Paressant’s friend, “model” Ornella Irie. Problem is, when Kennedy called Irie, it was obviously Paressant answering the phone.

Not only that, but she apparently fakes being her own agent, under the name Olivia Ducreu, and photos Paressant says are of herself are actually similar-looking, real models — including German model Hana Nitsche (pictured), who was apparently the one used in pics Paressant sent to X17 claiming to be evidence of an affair.

But had we just paid attention to the French press, the alarm bells would have gone off sooner. Mag SO FOOT has been following the tale of the girl from Le Creusot since she claimed she was marrying soccer god Ronaldinho, saying so on forums and sending out faked photos so much that the gossip mongers started to think it was true. Ronaldinho finally sued her in 2006 for saying the pair were up partying and having wild sex every night during the World Cup, despite the fact they’d never met.

So what lesson have we learned? We all should pay more attention to soccer, of course.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:30am]


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