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Typical: Paris will only serve 23 days

Tbdparis051807 Once again, us sleepy East Coasters fall victim to the whims of late-hour, West Coast events. It seems that Paris Hilton’s 45-day jail sentence has already been reduced to 23 days, the result of jail officials giving the heirhead credit for good behavior, the AP reports.

How she can get this credit without having even stepped foot in L.A.’s Century Regional Detention Center is beyond us, but we don’t make those calls.

She’s also slated to stay in a “special needs housing unit,” a fancy name for a set of cells reserved for prisoners other inmates would sure like to take a crack at — you know, like dirty cops, corrupt politicians and the occasional spoiled rich kid.

Paris will still get an hour out of her cell each day to shower, watch TV, play outside or talk on the phone, but maybe she can score more if she displays more of that good behavior we’re hearing so much about.

Update: And thanks to this sentence reduction, Paris apparently asked her attorneys to drop the appeals process, figuring this is about as good a deal as she can get, TMZ reports. At least we’ll still likely get three weeks of quiet time.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:12am]


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