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Tyra Banks is attending Harvard Business School



rsz_tbd-tyrabanks031511.jpgWhile we're all busy trying to figure out which of the uber-annoying girls on America's Next Top Model will come out on top -- the cross-eyed one? the kewpie-doll one? that hood rat with the freckles? -- Tyra Banks has been kicking her career into overdrive by ... attending Harvard Business School. Of course, with her media empire, you'd think she'd be teaching the classes, not attending them.

"In order for my company to grow and be the best, and to reach these women, and to serve them, I needed the best. So I went to the best," the 37-year-old told CBS News, noting that skipping both USC and UCLA to go to Paris to be a model at 17 "was one of the most difficult decisions of my entire life." Good thing it worked out, huh?

Banks says she enrolled in the Harvard Owner/President Management Program, which requires her to spend three weeks on campus every year for three years. Her reward for the $1,750 per day tuition: the title of Harvard Business School alumna (albeit without a degree -- but her $30 million personal worth says it doesn't matter). Not bad for a skinny kid from Inglewood. The stares she gets are worth the $31,000 bills every year for a woman some still see as justa model, and not a media mogul.

"When people have low expectations, you're just constantly going, "Ta-da!' And they're like, 'Wow.' It doesn't take a lot to wow them when they have low expectations," she said. Plus, this cycle of ANTM started off with some great changes, so we don't even notice her syndicated talk show is gone.

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