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Tyra Banks sued by mom of 15-year-old sex addict



tbd-tyrabanks101910.jpgTyra Banks' five-year-old talk show wasn't shut down soon enough: She's being sued by the mother of a 15-year-old girl Tyra had on a show about sex addiction, and is now facing allegations of illegal employment and child endangerment. Oh come on, we all know Tyra endangers a dozen or more girls every six months on America's Next Top Model.

Beverly McClendon filed a $3 million lawsuit against Banks, Warner Bros. Entertainment and the talk show's old producers in Atlanta last week, ABC News reports. She says that in 2009 her 15-year-old daughter was contacted by the show, which ended in May, after the girl signed up for a call for sex addicts, driven to the airport in a limo and flown to New York for a taping, all without McClendon's knowledge. You'd think Tyra would have permission slips.

Besides claiming producers had a legal obligation to inform her of her daughter's TV exploits -- McClendon filed a police report when she learned her daughter was missing -- she fears her child, whom McClendon claims was never diagnosed as a sex addict, was in jeopardy after being displayed to the world as an underage nympho.

"This show was undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles alike," McClendon says in the court papers. That's Tyra's target audience, all right, although if you're unaware of your 15-year-old daughter's traveling exploits and rampant sexual proclivities, Tyra Banks may not be the one to blame.

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