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Useless remake of the day: 'Drop Dead Fred'



Tbd-russellbrand042909 We usually complain that Hollywood is remaking classic movies just because they're out of ideas. Well, we stand corrected with news that Universal is going to remake 1991's Drop Dead Fred. Because really, who doesn't remember that old chestnut about Phoebe Cates' imaginary friend? You don't? You're one of the lucky ones.

To make things worse, the Rik Mayall character will be reinvented by annoying flavor of the month Russell Brand, the Hollywood Reporter says, which makes this idea about as appealing as drinking a cup full of broken glass.

Recognizing that the original was awful, writers plan to cast it in the vein of Beetlejuice, where the protagonist is accompanied by a mischievous pal in an imaginary world, where Tinseltown has fresh ideas and we're not subjected to the resurrection of movies that were no good the first time.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:33am]


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