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Verne Troyer talks about co-star Heath Ledger



Tbdvernetroyerb071708 We'll spare you more details of Verne Troyer's drama with ex-girlfriend Renae Shrider and that sex tape, and relay some thoughts the little big man shared about Heath Ledger. Troyer and Ledger were both working on Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, so Verne got to share time with Heath in what will be his final onscreen role.

"I don’t believe that he was troubled,” Troyer told E! News. “Everyone knew that he had a hard time sleeping and from working in the cold weather in London—we were out in the rain and things like that—so everybody got sick, to a certain extent.”

But his turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight had still given him fits.

“He couldn’t sleep because he was so wrapped up in the character of Joker in Batman,” Troyer said. “He was still going through not sleeping because he was so involved in that. Throughout our shoot it was the same way.”

But Troyer says there's no way his death could have been suicide.

“He wasn’t, for me, depressed enough to even think about taking his own life. It was an accident, it happened and it’s very unfortunate.”

Verne and co-star Lily Cole have paid tribute to Heath with a tattoo of a heart Ledger had drawn on a piece of paper (see it on Troyer's right hand in the pic).

“A lot of people from the cast and crew got a tattoo of it somewhere, of that heart, just thinking of Heath and respecting him.”

And The Juice* says if you want to pay tribute to Ledger, go see him in The Dark Knight. We saw the preview on Tuesday and have to say, it'll melt your freakin' eyeballs.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:53am]


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