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Verne Troyer's co-star Ranae Shrider speaks; Mini Me sues the pants off TMZ, distributor



Tbdvernetroyer063008_2 Remember how we were telling you about Verne "Mini Me" Troyer's sex tape? Well, the woman in said photoplay is (rightfully) furious about the TMZ report, Splash News says.

"Do I look like I should be smiling about this?" 22-year-old Ranae Shrider asked curious paparazzi in L.A., meaning the release of the tape, not the actual shooting of the tape. She says the tape was stolen from the pair's apartment, and has been put on the market illegally.

But the good news is, she admits to still living with the 2-foot, 8-inch actor, although she's unsure if she'll get any money from the deal to pursue her modeling career. That sure sounds like she's upset about starring in perhaps the most infamous sex tape since a certain member of the Hilton clan employed night vision.

Furthermore, E! ONline says the diminutive Casanova has sued TMZ and One Night in Paris mastermind Kevin Blatt over the whole deal. He's seeking $20 million in damages and an injunction against showing the video. That's probably a lot more than he'd get if the tape actually sold.

[Screen grab via TMZ]

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