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Warner Bros. wants to reimagine Batman already, make a Justice League flick




As further proof that Hollywood hasn't had an original idea for the last three decades, Warner Bros. is already planning to reimagine the Batman franchise once The Dark Knight Rises hits DVD. At least, that's the conclusion we're reaching, since we know how Tinseltown runs every moneymaking IP into the ground.

WB motion pictures president Jeff Robinov told the L.A. Times that plans are already in place to work on the series once this trilogy runs its course. "We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman," he said. "Chris Nolan and (producing partner and wife) Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is." That sure sounds like a Joel Schumacher-style redesign to us.

But don't think that the studio is only relying on one 70-year-old character: They've got Green Lantern in June, plus a new Superman in the works and a script for a Justice League flick to fight Marvel's Avengers at theaters. Also, they want to make a Flash movie and a Wonder Woman movie, despite NBC's planned Wonder Woman series with Adrianne Palicki. It's almost like Warner Bros. is just recycling all the same plans and hoping we don't notice. BUT WE DO, WARNER BROS. WE DO.

[Photo: Jeff with Jennifer GarnerAnne Hathaway and Jessica Biel. That's how you know he makes decisions. Getty Images]


[Last modified: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 4:49pm]


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