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We're not going to say we told you so, but ...

Tbdbaca061107_2 Remember how we posited that L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca may have been in the Hiltons' back pocket this whole time to risk contempt of court charges by letting precious Paris out without consulting a judge? Well guess what?

Radar Online points out that last year Baca accepted a $1,000 campaign contribution from one William Barron Hilton, grandfather of our little jailbird. That amount, by the way, is the maximum amount allowed from a single donor in the state of California. Could be nothing, but who knows how much soft money was floating around there ...

Baca has been in office since 1998, and has seen his share of celebrity dollars (not surprisingly, because it is L.A.). He's received contributions from Steven Seagal, Burt Bacharach, Les Moonves and even Rupert Murdoch.

You may remember him as the sheriff who said Mel Gibson was arrested without incident in Malibu last year, when in fact Mel had gone on an anti-Semitic rant and slurred a few choice words at a female deputy.

All this may or may not have contributed to Paris' release for as-yet-unspecified medical conditions. The incomparable blogger Tyler Durden is theorizing through third-party emails he has received that Hilton is suffering from a severe stress-induced herpes outbreak. Gross.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:14am]


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