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What's with Taylor Swift and that guy with the swastika?



While most of you are getting all moony eyed about Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, the less-than-happy gossip swirling around everyone's new favorite 19-year-old obsession is that she was hanging out with some knucklehead with a swastika painted on his shirt at Katy Perry's birthday party over the weekend. Gee, who could get upset about that?

The suddenly much-more-famous Swift and pal Julianne Hough joined Perry for Katy's 25th birthday bash, where Katy asked all her guests to smear themselves with fluorescent paint. One dandy young lad obliged by putting this symbol on his shirt. The alleged anti-Semite then posted the pic on, playfully saying he was Taylor's new boyfriend.

The joke's on her, however, as the pic has now stampeded all over the INtArWEbz, with rumors flying that the "JH" on Swift's dress stands for "Jew Hater" and worse (never mind that Hough is the one who painted her, and had a "TS" on her own outfit). We're thinking this is more a case of stupidity on Taylor's part, who may simply not have noticed.

"Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night," her rep tells TMZ. "She doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

The original poster claims that he is Hindu, and that this is the version that is a good luck symbol in India. But really, this smacks of that Prince Harry fiasco a few years back, don't it?

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