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Tbdkfc061307 Now that Endeavor talent agency has dropped Paris Hilton, she's got to be happy that PETA has its eyes set on using her apparent newfound sense of charity to free the chickens.

“We’re asking Paris to narrate our Kentucky Fried Cruelty video showing how chickens are routinely crammed into tiny cages and suffer broken wings and legs,” PETA’s Dan Mathews told The Scoop. “Unlike inmates at the jail in L.A., these animals get no reprieve or medical treatment.” Just like we get no reprieve from Paris gossip, you know?

PETA even has a slogan planned: “KFC — that’s not hot.”  That’s about as weak as a rumored $50,000 “Out of Jail” party the Hiltons may be planning in Vegas, per a New York Post report, but at least Pure and the Hard Rock had the decency to say no to that.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:14am]


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