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Will Smith: The Man in Green




Somewhere in America, DJ Jazzy Jeff is probably homeless. Uncle Phil is likely eating from a garbage bin. But the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith? He’s only the top moneymaker in Hollywood, according to Forbes. The mag unveiled its list of the top celebrity earners, actor/actress division, and Smith takes the gilded taco, bringing in $80 million in 2007. Guess there’s good money to be made in fighting zombie dogs. The rest of the top 5:

2. Johnny Depp, $72 million. That’s a lot of quirky hats.

3. (tie) Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers, $55 million. We were as shocked as you to see the stars of Meet Dave and The Love Guru this high. But then we saw who was next ...

4. Cameron Diaz, $50 million. So that’s all three stars of Shrek 3. Dang, that nasty green lardo’s got game.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio, $55 million. Yeah, well, how many Oscars has that bought you, Leo? Huh? Huh!?!?

/sighs jealously



[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:53am]


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