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Willa real star please step up?



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Personally, I'm not sure what I would choose as the high point to date for the Tampa Bay area's own entry into the wannabe Britney / Mandy / Christina / Lindsay / Sanjaya contest, Miss Willa Ford of Ruskin. (That's in southeastern Hillsborough County, FYI.)

Was it when the former Amanda Lee Williford, at first using the stage name Mandah, performed a song that made it onto the soundtrack for Pokemon: The First Movie? Or later, the "Willa Ford" years, of dating such personalities as Nick Carter and Ultimate Fighting Championship behemoth Chuck Liddell? (Points for diversity though, Willa.)

Some would lean toward the decision to record the song A Toast to Men--with a subtitle and chorus that prominently features the "F" word--for an unreleased album she'd planned to title Porn Poetry. Or maybe the posing for Playboy. Or her stretch on Dancing with the Stars. Sure, her sole hit was titled I Wanna Be Bad, but she might have considered not using that as career advice. (And believe me, anyone choosing to participate in celebrity dancing must be desperate.)

Any way you cut it, the young woman was tailor-made for her next role: She's going to play Anna Nicole Smith. It's in an independent movie that reportedly will begin shooting as early as next week.

Sound incredibly sketchy to you? And thus entirely appropriate? Me too. Learn a lil' more here.

[Photo: AP]

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