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Your daily TomKat roundup: Child support, Scientology schools and movie roles


In case you hadn't heard, Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise. We know, that's a big shock. Unfortunately for the armchair lawyers out there, it doesn't look like she'll be raking in that much from the split. Not relatively speaking, anyway.

Word is the couple's pre-nuptial agreement caps what Katie may take away from the marriage, with TMZ saying she basically gets what she came into the marriage with. Hey, Tom knows what he's doing; he's been married twice before, remember. The sticking point would be child support.

Forbes points out child support in New York is based on a formula of 17 percent of child support, but it proportinate to each ex-spouse's income. A source tells the magazine not to expect to see Holmes making $9 million a year off this deal.

"There are caps," divorce attorney Jeff Landers said. "After $400,000 in earnings it’s up to the judge's discretion." That sounds to us like it could all hinge on what kind of sordid details could come out in the proceedings, then.

There's already the rumors Katie wanted to leave because Tom was pressuring her to put daughter Suri in a Scientology-run school. The U.K.'s Independent says Cruise was looking to put her in the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, Calif., an apparent feeder for the Delphian School in Oregon. Both institutions rely on the L. Ron Hubbard-developed "study technology" to teach pupils, and Suri would be audited with an e-meter at both, the paper said.

That didn't sit well with Katie, who has enrolled Suri at a Catholic school in Manhattan, the Independent said. A rumor from Us Weekly says Holmes didn't want to end up like Nicole Kidman, who allegedly has a distant relationship with her two adopted kids with Cruise, 17-year-old Connor and 19-year-old Isabella. Both those teenagers went to the Delphian School, where boarding a child costs about $42,000 a year.

Another interesting anecdote from Us claims Cruise forbade Holmes from working on a Dawson's Creek reunion with James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson. The magazine points out Katie said in 2011 she thought such a project "would be fun." Guess it's not fun for Tom.

"(Producers) were begging her to sign on for a reunion movie," a source told the mag. "Tom said absolutely no way and thought going backward would be bad."

Another source said Cruise routinely prevented Holmes from working on flicks with "sexually compromising scenes, largely because the Scientology folks objected." They also apparently objected from letting her work on The Dark Knight Rises, and we had to sit through Maggie Gyllenhaal in that. Thanks a lot, Tom.

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