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Zach Braff in St. Petersburg, Florida?!?



braff.jpgWas former Scrubs star Zach Braff in St. Petersburg on Thursday? Or is the Garden State director planning to visit soon? We can only report that he posted this question on his Facebook account early in the afternoon: What is the most fun thing to do when one is in St. Petersburg, Florida? Later, came this tweet: Most popular answers so far are “leave” and “Dali museum”. Think I’ll try the museum. ;) Sensing a major celebrity opportunity, Juice dispatched a Braff fan to the Dali to check out the situation. Eddie at the members desk had heard about it, but didn’t have anything to report. And the sparse crowd in the gift shop and cafe didn’t seem too excited either. So we’ve moved on to a new theory: He’s rewarding a fan who Liked him on Facebook. He posted this on Wednesday: 25k shy of 1 million friends! When I reach it, I’ll choose a friend at random and come visit you for the day; anywhere on Earth. Please have Triscuits. So we leave it to Braff’s St. Petersburg Facebook fans: Has he called any of you and set up a date? Let Juice know. Meanwhile, we thought we’d amuse (or appall) you with some of the comments from the more than 1,000 responses he got to his question (spellings intact):
• Come visit me in Orlando so we can get married.
• Go and see Interchangeable Parts Rocky Horror Picture Show!
• The Pier at day, Ybor City at night.
• Catch a plane to another location. :)
• Come to Tampa and go to Busch Gardens!
• When you find out can you let me know? I’m still trying to figure that out. :(
• Watch the rest of the old people make their skin shrivel in God’s waiting room
• Don ceasar and the bar called the undertow. Dont walk the streets with no shoes tho. It is filthy
• Drive up to Saint Leo and chill with the freshman class!!!!
• look for gators
• Check out the down town st pete pier, it may not be there much longer. And there are alot of dolphin and whale seeing cruises. Plus downtown its self offers alot of museums, art and trendy resteraunts.
• whatever you do you should inform us so those in St Pete can come hang out... just an idea.
• U @ the don?
• Find lizards that have dried up and see if they shake like a rattle.
• Dude, what?! you’re here? Dali museum is good. You should check out treasure island, nice chill beach. If you’re here on Sunday, treasure island has a drum circle party all day.

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