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Demi Moore wants spousal support from Ashton Kutcher

Seems kinda spiteful. And completely understandable.

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Seems kinda spiteful. And completely understandable.



We were waiting to see if Demi Moore was going to file divorce papers, and did she ever! She went so far as to demand in print that she wants spousal support and attorney’s fees from Ashton Kutcher. Well, he did cheat on her during their anniversary.

A Demi source told TMZ “she’s got money up the wazoo,” way more than Kutcher, but this seems a little untoward. She’s apparently worth millions more than he is, and he’s already rich.

The site speculates no judge would ever order Kutcher pay her support, but it’s nice to know she’s so spiteful she’s going to make her estranged husband deal with it, anyway. having to pay attorney’s fees, meanwhile, sounds like a totally reasonable request.

[Last modified: Thursday, March 7, 2013 3:48pm]


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