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Former publicist sues Insane Clown Posse over alleged harassment, sex toys

Effin' motions to stay, how do they work?

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Effin' motions to stay, how do they work?



Insane Clown Posse's old publicist and attorney is suing the band, alleging sexual harassment and a very uncomfortable work environment at her office at Psychopathic Records. From the details of the lawsuit, uncomfortable may be an understatement.

Andrea Pellegrini says in the documents filed in Michigan that not only were Joseph “Shaggy2Dope” Ulster and Joseph “Violent J” Bruce problem clients, other Psycopathic Records employees routinely harassed her. President William Dail, Pellegrini's supervisor Robert Bruce and label employee Dan "Dirty Dan" Diamond were named as codefendants, according to Detroit news station WXYZ.

Along with Dail calling her a "bitch" on the regular, Pellegrini says she was told to keep her employment a secret, was yelled at and demeaned all the time and was asked to do "illegal and/or unethical things" during her time at Psychopathic. Among those illegal and unethical things were being told to find some Tommy guns for a photo shoot and being told to be an in-house counsel while ICP was being questioned by the FBI about the Juggalos, ICP's legion of face-painting fans.

She says she worked there from 2009 until she was fired in November 2012 when she "refused to act unethically or illegally, and reported the sexual harassment."

TMZ adds some of the more colorful details the TV station omitted, including being threatened by Violent J's girlfriend, Michelle Rapp; constantly being harassed by Dirty Dan, who once gave her a gift of a "clear dildo" and gave two other women in the office "vagina tighteners"; and was forced to use a men's restroom at the August 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos, exposing her to "naked male strangers."

WXYZ says Pellegrini is suing for (deep breath) "compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, fright and shock, horror, outrage and indignity, economic damages including lost wages and/or loss or earning capacity, exemplary damages, punitive damages, hedonic damages, attorney costs and fees, compensation for economic and non-economic damages, interest on allowable damages and any other damages allowed under the law." ICP and Psychopathic Records haven't responded to the lawsuit.

We sincerely hope she gets some cash, really, we do. But we also hope someone mentions to her that she was working for a duo that wears clown makeup, wrote a song called I Stab People and is famously enraptured by the god-given miracle of magnets. It's not like she was working at the Guggenheim.

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