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Holly Madison plans to eat her own placenta after giving birth

Holly's going to pop any day now.

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Holly's going to pop any day now.



We wrote about this when January Jones did it, so it's only fair we mention it here: Former Playboy Playmate and Girls Next Door star Holly Madison, who is due to give birth on Tuesday, announced on her blog she plans to eat her own placenta. Call us old-fashioned, but that still kind of makes us raise an eyebrow.

"This might sound gross, but I’m totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth." she wrote. "I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I can!"

She plans to do the dried-and-ground placenta pills, too, not frying it up in a pan and eating like a steak, in case you were wondering. But you know what? It's her body, and if she wants to do that , that's her business. But really, why proclaim it on your blog. There is such a thing as TMI, you know.

[Last modified: Thursday, February 28, 2013 3:56pm]


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