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Hollywood is so afraid of the Chinese getting offended, they changed 'World War Z' outbreak backstory



We just heard last week that Disney is releasing a different version of Iron Man 3 with extra scenes in it to appeal to Chinese audiences, which is fine, but now Paramount has told Brad Pitt to excise something from his upcoming World War Z. It seems the idea of the zombie outbreak starting in China is just too much to handle.

After watching the latest cut of the $175 million monstrosity, the studio requested the change to avoid offending the Chinese, ignoring the zombie-loving fanbase who is already offended by the obvious changes to the feel of the story. "It’s not a huge plot point,” a source told TheWrap. “But it’s safe to say (they’re) going to want a release there.” The movie will now say it started in a different country.

The Juice* who loved the source novel, begs to differ: Author Max Brooks made kind of a big deal in the book about the zombie outbreak starting in China. Where else is so secretive, so willing to stifle dissent among its populace, that thousands of flesh-eating monsters could be on the loose before anyone says anything? North Korea? Don't worry, he made an anecdote about them, too.

[Last modified: Monday, April 1, 2013 4:41pm]


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