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IF Miley Cyrus was smoking weed at the EMAs, did she break the law?

Miley really knows how to light up a stage.

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Miley really knows how to light up a stage.



Because we simply haven't heard enough about Miley Cyrus and her out-of-control rocket ride to adulthood, we have to acknowledge that everyone is yapping about her pulling out what may or may not have been a joint during her acceptance speech at the MTV EMAs on Sunday night. Yeah, she likes pot, and she likes making a spectacle of herself. We get it.

The big question now, though, is whether or not she broke any laws. Let's be clear on one thing: drugs are still illegal in Amsterdam, but MTV points out if it was weed, possession of less than five grams is legal. That means her Daily Mail-documented visit to a coffee shop called the Green House is probably okay.

More interesting, however -- certainly more interesting than her performances of We Can't Stop Wrecking Ball -- is that the country has banned smoking in public places. MTV says that includes office buildings, public transportation, public spaces and night clubs, but applies only to tobacco and technically not marijuana. That stuff belongs in the coffee shops, though, and is kind of a crass and desperate bid for attention.

So what we have here is an odd situation: If Miley was smoking a cigarette, she was potentially breaking a law. If she was smoking weed, it would be okay, but frowned upon even by Dutch authorities. It's not like it will amount to anything in any case, but parents' groups are probably howling in anger nonetheless.

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