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Orlando Bloom takes swing at Justin Bieber, has officially lived the dream

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Let’s all take a moment to Slow. Clap. for Orlando Bloom.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star got into a scuffle with Justin Bieber early Wednesday at the star-studded Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain. Rumor has it people actually applauded after Bieber left.

“Orlando took one swing at Justin and missed,” a source tells People. “They were separated and Justin stayed at Cipriani with friends for a while before leaving.”

According to the New York Post, Bloom and Bieber were seated at different tables, but when the Beauty and the Beat singer and his entourage walked past Bloom’s table, The Hobbit actor refused to shake the 20-year-old’s hand. One source says the Maple One then told Bloom, “She was good,” referring to his rumored hookup with the 37-year-old’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Disclaimer: One of the Post’s Bieber sources said that comment was made after the altercation and another said that it was never made at all.

One thing everyone can agree on, thanks to video posted on TMZ via random Swedish tourist: After Bloom’s dis, Bieber can be heard saying, “What’s up, bitch?” Shoving ensued, Bloom swung, Bieber ducked and his trusty bodyguard took the hit. …

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Leonardo DiCaprio raises $25 million for Mother Earth

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That's how much Leonardo DiCaprio’s star-studded St. Tropez charity auction raised to save Earth’s wild regions and animals last week.

Selena Gomez, Jared Leto, Bono, Marion Cotillard and Robin Thicke were among the event’s guests at the Domaine Bertaud Belieu, a secluded hillside vineyard, where invitations to the gala cost between $7,500 and $130,000, according to People.

The Wolf of Wall Street star’s namesake foundation says the 39-year-old, who attended with girlfriend Toni Garrn, 22, opened the evening by telling his fellow rich and famous, “There has never been, since the time of dinosaurs, as many plant and animal species disappearing so quickly… We must make efforts to protect rich biodiversity.”

But back to the important stuff: Other celebs at the event included model Petra Nemcova, Dynasty’s Joan Collins and model Cara Delevingne, who D Listed claims was wearing what we hope was a fake rabbit fur coat, drawing gasps from the crowd when she stepped onto the stage. …

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 'I'm done dancing'

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy is hanging up his dancing shoes.

“I’m done dancing,” Maksim said Tuesday on The View, to the sound of hearts breaking all across the land.

“I feel like it’s time,” the Ukrainian said of his run on Dancing With the Stars.

“When I came back to the show, it was not the same — I was different, probably,” he said of the first time he quit in February 2013. “When I came back, I saw this amazing talent… I looked at it and thought they can do much more and better. I was taking up a huge spot.”

The 34-year-old first left the show after Season 16 but returned this year to win Season 18 with Olympic ice skater Meryl Davis. Shortly after hoisting the Mirrorball trophy, however, Maksim hinted — or straight up let us know — that the end was near.

“I want Meryl to be the last person I dance with,” he told Social Life magazine in June. “The last person I got to be passionate with and care so much for.”

The dancing pro also wants to start a family.

“I raised so many children at the studio that I am ready to create one of my own,” he told the mag. “I am really ready to have a family now. I need an outlet. I have so much I want to give, and I need someone to give it to.” …

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Kelsey Grammer has a new baby to add to his collection

And blue makes two. Or six for Kelsey.

According to ET Online, Frasier alum Kelsey Grammer and fourth wife Kayte are new parents to baby boy Kelsey Gabriel Elias Grammer. Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

The new addition arrived at 8:28 a.m. Tuesday in Los Angeles, weighing in at 8 lbs., 2 oz.

“Our son will be called Gabriel as there is a tradition in our family of going by our middle names,” Kelsey, whose full name is Allen Kelsey Grammer, tells ET. “We are blessed and excited to have this lovely young man join our family — he is magnificent!”

The couple already has a 2-year-old daughter named Faith Evangeline Elisa, and Grammer has four other kids — Spencer, 30, Greer, 22, Mason, 12, and Jude, 9 — from previous relationships. So, naturally we assume he really hates sleep. Grammer is also a grandfather to Spencer’s son Emmett, 2.

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Robin Thicke gives up on Paula Patton, hell freezes over

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Looks like the marriage between Robin Thicke and Paula Patton is finally coming to an end. Or, you know, Thicke is finally recognizing it’s been over since February and at last is giving up.

The singer, who has been groveling on stage and via terrible album since the couple separated, has listed his marital Los Angeles home for sale. According to Variety, the 3,158 square foot home, which is located above the Sunset Strip, has been listed for $2.985 million. Thicke’s dad, Growing Pains star Alan Thicke, bought the property in 1990 and gifted Robin the deed when he married his high school sweetheart in 2005.

The sale comes about a month after Thicke’s latest album Paula totally bombed following many a public emotional breakdown and a disastrous PR campaign that included a Twitter Q&A in which the singer was the victim of hilarious jokes and ridicule.

According to TMZ, Thicke is working on a financial settlement and telling his people his marriage is over. Neither party has hired a divorce lawyer, but Thicke says he won’t file first. Obvi.

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Beyonce thinks she’s a feminist


How cute.

Beyonce Instagrammed a photo of herself duck-facing in everybody’s old Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume. It’s almost as if the Drunk In Love singer wants us to believe she’s a feminist.

Lest we forget the lyrics to the first single of her self-titled album, which includes a nod to domestic violence when hubby Jay Z raps, “I’m Ike Turner ... baby, no, I don’t play / Now eat the cake, Anna Mae” (referring to a scene from What’s Love Got to Do With It in which Ike Turner force-feeds Tina Turner, a.k.a. Anna Mae Bullock), and, “Beat the box up like Mike” (“box” meaning vagina, and “Mike” convicted rapist Mike Tyson).


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Report: Zoe Saldana is pregnant with twins


The rumor mill started heating up last week after Zoe Saldana was seen sporting what appears to be a baby bump while promoting her new film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now, Us Weekly is reporting that the multi-hyphenate indeed is expecting her first child with husband Marco Perego. And E! News says it's twins.

“Zoe is about three months pregnant,” an insider tells Us of the Avatar actress. “But she will only announce the news when she’s ready.”

Says another info leaker: “Zoe has always wanted a big family and Marco’s on board, too!”

The 36-year-old secretly married her 35-year-old Italian artist beau in London last September.

“It was super small but very romantic and beautiful,” an insider said at the time.

So, this leaves us with one question: Will the bouncing babe be Guardians green or Avatar blue?

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George Harrison tree killed by beetles

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Let’s file this one in the Isn’t It Ironic file: Beetles have killed a pine tree that was planted in honor of late Beatles guitarist George Harrison.

If only they had just Let It Be.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the sapling was planted in a park outside the Griffith Observatory in 2004 to honor the gardening enthusiast, who lived in L.A. until his death in 2001. The conifer had grown to more than 10 feet tall before it met the same fate as a number of Griffith Park trees that have been taken down by bark beetles and lady bug beetles.

Isn’t It a Pity?

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Revenge Marriage? Months after splitting with Big Sean, Glee's Naya Rivera gets hitched

Is this a classic case of "revenge marriage," as my colleague, and savvy student of lovelorn celebs, Stephanie Hayes dubs it? No idea, but we're digging the totally irrational concept. In April -- as in, a few months ago -- Glee's Naya "Santana" Rivera split with fiancee and rapper Big Sean. Instead of sulking about the breakup, the 27-year-old Rivera immediately started dating longtime friend -- and now husband! -- actor Ryan Dorsey (Southland, Parks and Recreation). The two were hitched up in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, over the weekend...or right around the time Big Sean and his former lady love were supposed to wed. "We feel truly blessed to be joined as husband and wife," the newly betrothed couple told People. "Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for....True love always prevails." Every good revenge marriage deserves an even better revenge rap song! Drop the bass, Big Sean!   

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Video: Justin Bieber is new Calvin Klein model

Well, the headline pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? So feel free to click on that video and behold the Biebs in all his tattooed glory.

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Tim McGraw explains why he slapped fangirl

Stand back, ladies!

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Stand back, ladies!

She liked it, she loved it, she wanted some more of it — and then one unsuspecting fan at Tim McGraw’s Atlanta concert received a swift slap in the face, which we’re sure she’ll never wash again.

Now, McGraw is giving his unapologetic explanation of what exactly happened on the night of July 13.

As you may have seen, a video surfaced on TMZ last week showing McGraw slapping a woman in the front row of his show in Atlanta. The singer was performing Truck Yeah when the fan grabbed his leg and wouldn’t let go of his jeans. In fact, she was clutching them with such fangirl-induced fervor that she ripped them, ripped them good — not that that’s such an unimaginable feat, considering their distressed, already-torn tightness, but we digress.

Seconds after the woman loosened her grip, McGraw, in his words, “swatted” her away. In the face.

He has since spoken to ET Canada about the incident, saying, “It happened in a split second, it was pure instinctive reaction, I think you just got to move on.”

The country star added, “Nobody feels good about it, but there’s nothing that could be done about it.”

Except for, you know, not slapping a woman in the face. …

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Buccaneer Da'Quan Bowers calls cops on ex-Destiny's Child member Farrah Franklin

Farrah posted this Instagram hours before her arrest.


Farrah posted this Instagram hours before her arrest.

No, No, No. It can’t be.

Farrah Franklin, formerly and ever so briefly of Destiny’s Child, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in Myrtle Beach early Sunday morning. Now the details are coming out, and guess who was there when she flipped out — why, a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, of course.

According to TMZ, the 33-year-old singer was hanging out with Bucs defensive end Da’Quan Bowers and Houston Texans outside linebacker Ricky Sapp on Saturday, and the alcohol was a-flowin’ throughout.

When the trio decided to go back to Sapp’s place that night, it became apparent Franklin was pretty bombed. Sapp and Bowers say they think the singer was adding drugs into the mix, and Bowers claimed Franklin kept locking herself in the bathroom for long periods of time.

The NFL players called the cops after Franklin went nuts, screaming and slamming doors. When authorities arrived, the pair told them the singer had fled. Police eventually found her lying in a neighbor’s yard, where she appeared “highly intoxicated” and “unsteady on her feet.”

Franklin told police she had nowhere to go and planned on sleeping in the woods. …

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Leann Rimes is a butt woman

She likes almost-bare butts and she cannot lie.


She likes almost-bare butts and she cannot lie.

“I like butts and they do a really good butt.”

Who said that? Country singer LeAnn Rimes, speaking to the Associated Press after attending the Luli Fama show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim shows in Miami Beach.

Rimes, who looked on with husband and former Sunset Beach (Yay, ’90s soaps!) star Eddie Cibrian, says she was wowed by the selection of skimpy swimwear.

“Before everything sags I might as well,” Rimes joked of the string bikini and laser cut bottoms.

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Sandra Bullock came face-to-face with stalker

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Sandra Bullock’s recent encounter with a stalker in her home reads like a scene from a scary movie in newly released documents, painting a portrait of an obsessed fan who described himself as her “husband.”

Joshua James Corbett, 39, was later found to have a stash of illegal weapons including two fully automatic rifles and a machine gun at his home. But he was unarmed when he broke into Bullock’s home, affidavits in the case said.

Investigators said the sleeping actress was awakened at 6:30 a.m. on June 8 by banging noises, opened her bedroom door and saw a dark-clad stranger moving toward the stairs.

Bullock, who has portrayed brave, strong women on screen, took quick action, locking the door and summoning police.

“Sandy, I’m sorry!” the man shouted as he was being taken away. “Don’t press charges.”

Police determined Corbett had scaled the gates of the home and forced open a locked sunroom glass door. He remains in jail awaiting trial and could face more than seven years in prison. …

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Nick and Vanessa Lachey expecting baby No. 2

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Twice is nice for Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The couple announced via Twitter Tuesday that they're expecting baby No. 2 — and it’s a girl!

“Can’t think of a better way to celebrate 3 years of marriage to my beautiful Vanessa than this,” the singer wrote, sharing a photo of Camden, their 22-month-old son, running on the beach around a heart in the sand that reads, “It’s a girl.”

It’s no surprise the couple is expanding their family.

“We definitely want more kids,” Nick told Parents magazine in June. Plus, he thinks motherhood is super hot. “My wife’s maternal side is a new dynamic to her personality — and it’s definitely made her even sexier.”

So does this mean he’ll be recording a new album for the new arrival?

“Since Nick did A Father’s Lullaby for Camden,” Vanessa said, “we joke that if he doesn’t do one for each of the kids they’re going to think Camden is Daddy’s favorite!”

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