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Interscope may have lost $25 million promoting Lady Gaga's disappointing 'ARTPOP'

Is this the end of everyone's favorite performance artist/pop star/self-esteem advocate?

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Is this the end of everyone's favorite performance artist/pop star/self-esteem advocate?



While Lady Gaga fans (like The Juice*) were watching her on Saturday Night Live, Interscope Records was fretting Saturday over just how poorly ARTPOP was faring on the charts. Um, you guys do know nobody actually pays for music anymore, right?

The label has reportedly spent some $25 million to promote the album, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good, according to While ARTPOP did manage to hit No. 1 in the U.K., sales are supposedly as much as 75 percent lower than Born This Way two years ago, and are falling rapidly (just like almost all album sales from two years ago, we'll mention). This sounds like the cherry on top of a disaster sundae with extra R. Kelly.

"She originally was going to have the album ready by last Christmas. They made her re-record it. When her tour wasn't selling, they invented a hip injury and told Gaga to go away for months so the public could be interested in her 'comeback,'" a music industry analyst identified only as "Jacob" told the Examiner. "After the lead single Applause didn't get such a great reception, they made her re-record the album again. I hear that they allegedly paid radio stations in order to put the song at the top of their playlists."

Jacob also says Interscope tried paying off music magazines and websites to write positive reviews, which sounds sort of fishy to The Juice*. Music critics are nothing if not honest if they're trashing artists they normally like. He also says the wanted Rolling Stone to put her on the cover and call her "Woman of the Year," but they refused. Glamour did it instead, for whatever reason.

Finally, Jacob adds Gaga simply isn't helping herself. "She has turned against everybody who has helped her. She claims she has only done marijuana recently, but that's far from the truth," he said, declaring "she's dying a slow death."

Oh, we don't know about that; After an SNL in which she joked about Born this Way sounding just like Madonna's Express Yourself, made several references to the infamous transvestite rumors and played herself as a forgotten old lady in future New York, she certainly seems in control of her faculties. As for the album, well, we don't get paid to review music.

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