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Kim Kardashian gets a creepy 'blood facial' and brags about it

That's real blood, folks.

via Instagram

That's real blood, folks.



Kim Kardashian's not-a-miscarraige hospital visit scare is over, so we can get back to making fun of her. Didja hear she let her pal Jonathan Cheban give her what's called a blood facial? How do these people even find their way out of the house in the morning? They must just follow the camera crews as they change shifts.

"Look what @jonathancheban did to me!!" the 32-year-old tweeted Sunday, complete with a photo of her covered in her own blood. Us Weekly explains that a blood facial is when doctors (yeah, "doctors") draw some of your own blood, remove the platelets via centrifuge and then squirt it on your face with needles. Makes perfect sense. And of course, Kim told everyone about it, lest you not know what she's doing every waking moment.

"I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful," she said, noting the experience was less than ideal. "Oh my god! I will never get a facelift if it feels like that." No, sweetheart, facelifts strike us as quite a bit more radical than that. Or do you not understand what a plastic surgeon really does? We know you do.

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